Drywall Textures

Waltex Construction, Inc. can handle all your drywall hanging needs. We evaluate all costs and details for your job to ensure that when were done your sure to be happy with the completed job. We don’t just hang drywall; we also provide services to clients that may need large drywall patches, small drywall patches and drywall mudding. Mudding drywall is a specific process and we are knowledgeable and ready to provide you with mudding, taping, texturing, finishing or plastering of your drywall. When it comes to how to do drywall, hanging drywall and custom drywall let Waltex Construction, Inc. be your first choice.

Below are three most popular drywal textures:

Heavy Knock-down
Medium Knock-down
Imperfect Smooth

Waltex is able, ready and willing to repair and or provide drywall texturing also. We aim to please our customers with not only the finished product they receive but the service they get along the way. We can handle all wall texture types, including drywall texturing. Wall textures drywall not only looks amazing but is affordable and efficient. We are the best choice for all types of wall texture jobs big and small, and we guarantee that you will love the texture of your new walls. The types of wall textures available from Waltex are listed with photos for easy reference. Was your home built with plaster walls? When it comes to the debate of plaster vs drywall, most will readily agree that drywall is a better choice, when some may argue that plaster over drywall is their preference. Waltex is here to help you convert to drywall by replacing the plaster with drywall. In older homes plaster was the standard. However, today the standard is drywall panels in place of the cement coated plaster walls. When it comes time to replace plaster with drywall let Waltex be your choice for excellent work in a timely manner.

* The textures represented in this sample are approximate size only. Actual textures will vary due to climatic conditions, job conditions, method of application, mixing techniques and other factors that are beyond the control of Waltex Construction, Inc. Final texture selection must be made from actual product applied by the applicator under actual job conditions.