Available Stucco Colors

Did you know that brown stucco is a coat or layer in the process of applying plaster or stucco? Well, here at Waltex we’re familiar with not only brown stucco but we are experts in all phases of the stucco process. This includes: how to stucco, how to repair stucco, how to make stucco and how to texture stucco. So how do you repair stucco? The answer is simple, for all of your how to stucco repair needs, call Waltex.

Below are stucco color choices we offer:

S-1 Western White | BASE A

S-486 Oyster | BASE A

S-995 Sandstone | BASE B

S-8 Mushroom | BASE A

S-816 Clamshell | BASE A

S-716 Apricot | BASE A

S-102 Primrose | BASE A

S-3 Granite | BASE B

S-252 Tapioca | BASE A

S-67 Candlelight | BASE A

S-273 Spanish White | BASE A

S-5127 El Dorado Tan | BASE B

S-232 Terra Cotta | BASE B

S-9 Taupe Wood | BASE B

S-338 Adobe | BASE A

S-2 Navajo | BASE B

S-70 Blue Haze | BASE B

S-976 Wheat | BASE B

S-458 Hacienda | BASE B

S-655 Vanilla | BASE A

S-924 Santea | BASE B

S-13 Sahara Tan | BASE B

S-206 Stonewall | BASE B

S-420 Coffee Accent | BASE B

S-128 Spanish Olive | BASE B

S-98 Desert Rose | BASE B

S-5111 Brown Bag | BASE B

S-5117 Onion Skin | BASE B

S-10 Cobble Brown | BASE B

S-5115 Mojave | BASE B

S-234 Aqua Mist | BASE A

S-943 Smokey | BASE B

S-5 Venetian Stone | BASE B

S-490 Desert Gold | BASE A

S-949 Monterey | BASE B

S-948 Broadcloth | BASE B

S-7 Cinnabar | BASE B

S-947 Stone Age | BASE B

S-20 Peach | BASE A

S-946 Sandpiper | BASE B

* The colors represented in this sample are approximate color only. Actual color will vary due to climatic conditions, job conditions, method of application, mixing techniques and other factors that are beyond the control of Waltex Construction, Inc. Final color selection must be made from actual product applied by the applicator under actual job conditions.

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