Stucco & Plaster Textures

Stucco Texture is a unique way to make your home look the way you like on the inside and out. We offer stucco repair and wall plastering to our customers at an affordable price. Our website lists the types of stucco texture that we have available for you to choose from, and showcases the texture types in photos. Stucco may seem like a big job, but when you choose Waltex your sure to get the quality work you deserve for your home. We can repair stucco, give you a quote for stucco restoration, or guide you with your choice in textured stucco.

Siding is one of the many quality services we offer here at Waltex. We aim to be your choice for stucco contractors, and stucco repairs. In the business of siding options we are the best.

Imperfect Smooth with Acrotique
Heavy Lace Texture
Light Lace Texture
Medium Sand Finish
Old Plaster
Fine Sand Finish
Cat Face Finish
Coarse Sand Finish

* The textures represented in this sample are approximate size only. Actual textures will vary due to climatic conditions, job conditions, method of application, mixing techniques and other factors that are beyond the control of Waltex Construction, Inc. Final texture selection must be made from actual product applied by the applicator under actual job conditions.

How to Repair Stucco?

How to repair stucco should be left to the professionals. Here at Waltex we are knowledgeable and efficient at repairing stucco, plaster and drywall. We can also texture your plaster, stucco and drywall so that you get the unique look you’re shopping for. Plaster stucco professionals are here and ready to help you with all of your design needs. We will give you a free quote so feel free to call any time.

Choose Waltex for all your stucco repair how to needs, we are a company committed to your satisfaction. We provide free quotes and our prices are competitive. So when it comes to plaster and stucco how to questions let Waltex Construction, Inc. be your number one choice for solutions. With over ten years of experience we are committed to professionalism, good work and most importantly making our customers happy.